Nature of the Self

Happy Wednesday Omyoga blog followers, subscribers, and visitors. Countless self-realized yogis, saints, masters, avatars, and rishis will tell you the same eternal truth – that God (the Eternal Self) resides within us. Jesus (the Self-Realized Christ) said it quite directly, actually: “God is within you.” So, God is not “out-there” in the heavens somewhere. God is within us, existentially, yet transcending the body and mind. That is the reason for this diagram above. Through prayer and meditation, we go inward and access God (Divine Spirit, Brahman) who is the very core of our being. Every time you pray or chant OM you go into the very core of your own being, and God is there awaiting you. God is our Being. Without God, we would not “be”. So, keep on praying and chanting OM. That is the best way to stay connected to God, the very Being of our own being. Namaste, Keith

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