365 Stellar Soft Skills

Happy Wednesday Omyoga blog followers, subscribers and visitors! In December of 2018, I finished writing a very important book called “365 Stellar Soft Skills”. Throughout my twenty years career as a Technical Writer and Software Trainer, I have had to work with thousands of people directly and indirectly. I have had to play some pretty intense socio-political-economic games in the office itself. That is right. Politics. Economics. Socializing. Games of conformity and agendas. Not easy! But, somehow, I have survived these professional storms and was able to get all of this into a book, based on random notes I gathered over many years. I am between jobs right now and could really use your patronage. This book is awesome and is based on twenty years of practical work experience serving the software engineering marketplace. I have worked with executives, developers, architects, DBAs, business analysts, technicians, vendors, customers, clients, investors, and many others. So, this book is rich in interpersonal insights and is worth every penny. It does not represent any kind of agenda of any kind. It is authentic, direct, and helpful. You will benefit in many ways. I marked the kindle edition down to 99 cents (USD) so that everyone can afford it, even in these challenging times. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patronage in advance! May success be yours, and may this current crisis pass soon. Best Regards, and With Divine Blessings, Keith Johnson, Senior Technical Writer and OM Yogi

Click here to check out 365 Stellar Soft Skills in paperback format.

Click here to check out 365 Stellar Soft Skills in Amazon kindle format.

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