OM, An End To Hatred & Division

Happy Tuesday (07.28.2020) Omyoga subscribers, followers, and visitors. As the Covid-19 virus has now reached all four corners of the globe, unfortunately, the need for unity and compassion among all people and living beings is here and now. But, because we all are being asked to keep ample distance, physically, from one another, the question arises “how can we attain unity under such conditions?”. The answer is meditation, and more specifically meditation on OM. According to the Upanishads, Gita, countless yogis, buddhas, and rishis, OM is the sound of Divine Oneness. The Mandukya Upanishad, and Sri Sankara both declared that “this universe is the Sacred Syllable OM.” The Bible also declares that the Word (Sound Vibration) of God and God are one and the same. According to Sri Sivananda, that Word is OM. So, by chanting OM, we obtain and attain spiritual unity with all living beings at the transcendental level. That is right. The Transcendental level – which is the domain of pure spirit, beyond form. Sure, we can be separated physically. But at the spiritual level, there is no separation, especially if you invoke the Sacred Syllable “OM” with sincerity and humility and gratitude. Every time you chant OM or meditate on this sound, you are connecting unconditionally with all those also doing the same. So, herein lies the solution to material-world based hatred and division: meditation on the most Sacred Syllable OM. I am sure that great souls like Swami Sivananda, Swami Jyotirmayananda, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, the Dalai Lamas, and all other self-realized beings will agree here. There is only so much unity we can have at the physical level, or even at the intellectual level. But at the spiritual level, that is where there is true peace, unity, solidarity, love, compassion, and oneness. Om and Amen to you all. Namaste, Keith

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