Christ and Krishna Consciousness

In the Gita, Krishna says that he is one with all of existence. In the Bible, Jesus Christ says that he too is one with all of existence. This is where terms like Christ Consciousness and Krishna Consciousness come from. The Mandukya Upanishad confirms this vantage point of “non-duality” when it says “All this is OM”. In other words, we are all OM in different manifest forms. The tree is OM as a tree. Jesus was/is OM as Jesus. Krishna was/is OM as Krishna. Earth is OM as a planet. The Sun is OM as a great being of light. In life we get caught up in the superficial waves on the top of the ocean, but at the heart we are always one with existence. This is how peace can be restored, this simple truth. Right now, I am OM in the temporary human form of “Keith” but my essence and nature is just like that of Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus, and the Sun, which is OM. It is through understanding OM that I can then see all living beings as spiritual brothers and sisters. The waves of the ocean are always one with the ocean. Namaste, Keith

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