Bible Passage: Luke 17:21

Happy Monday Omyoga blog visitors, followers, and subscribers. Today I would like to focus on one of Jesus’ sayings in the Gospels. It is from Like 17:21 where Jesus is asked where one can find the Kingdom of Heaven. He tells those inquiring (and quite directly): “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” This is from the book of Luke (Chapter 17, Verse 21). What does he mean by this? From the perspective of Vedanta, God (Divine Spirit) is actually within us, but to access God, we must travel the correct and designated path, which is the OM (AUM) sound mantra/prayer. The diagram above shows you how this works. OM (AUM) allows for consciousness to go inward until finally we come face to face with the very presence of God (Divine Spirit, Brahman in Sanskrit). Of course, we must also avail ourselves to universal love and compassion too, as this was mandated by Christ in our day to day lives, as support mechanisms to our individual journeys inward. Namaste.

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