The Wisdom of Osho

Happy Saturday Omyoga blog followers and visitors. One of my favorite authors over the years has been Osho Rajneesh, a famous spiritual philosopher from India. He wrote many books and helped me to learn about the teachings of the Buddha, which are timeless and amazing. I would like to share a quote I recently saw by Osho Rajneesh. Here it is: “When you call yourself Indian or American or Russian or Hindu or Buddhist or Jewish or Christian or Atheist or Agnostic or Democrat or Republican or whatever, you are placing a limitation on yourself and also asking others to judge you based on this label. We are always part of existence. So, why not identify with the entire scope of existence without a label? This is what I do.” I totally agree. Also, with that idea in mind, this is why I chant OM every day. OM is the revealed symbol and sound, a gift from the enlightened rishis and yogis of the past. OM means “all this”. There is nothing outside of OM. This is confirmed in the Mandukya Upanishad. When you chant OM or meditate on OM, you are acknowledging all truths, all masters, all mysteries. OM is true honor and union with existence. Namaste, Keith

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