Our Blessed Sun

Many prominent yogis and spiritual masters have important teachings about the Sun. It is through our Sun that we have life. The Sun allows for trees to turn carbon monoxide into oxygen that we breathe, and the oxygen itself has the essential prana energies needed to sustain life. One teaching that I value is that the Sun is more than just a physical entity. Rather, it is a spiritual entity, sort of a celestial yogi whose job it is to provide the life force needed by living beings like us here on Earth. The ancient Sanskrit name for the Sun is “Surya”. From the standpoint of Vedanta, the Sun is an extension of God (Divine Spirit), who is the Original Spiritual Sun, here in this plane and in this solar system. One can always honor the Sun and hence God (Divine Spirit) through the mantra (prayer) Om Surya Namaha. In English, you can simply say “Thank you, O Sun. Amen.” Gratitude is the greatest prayer. Namaste.

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