Only God is Real

The world we live in is amazing. It has mountains, rivers, lakes, trees, oceans, icebergs, incredible roads, bridges, buildings, and more. It also has amazing people, cultures, natural sciences, mathematics, computer science and more. Still, all of these are temporary. Against the backdrop of God (Brahman, in Sanskrit), they are momentary. Only God is and only God endures. This is the reason why spiritual masters remind us time and time again to pray and meditate. Every time we sit for prayer and meditation, we remind ourselves of who/what is really there for us – God, as Divine Spirit (Brahman). All physical forms are temporary. Suffering is there because we want temporary forms to endure. We want our job, health, relationships, and more to endure. But that is against their nature. They are all temporary. They are all a stitch in time, literally-speaking. Only God is eternal and beyond change. By chanting OM and by meditating on OM, we connect with the Absolute Reality Itself – God. Even if we sit in silence and stillness, awareness of OM keeps our consciousness centered in “that” which is eternally & transcendentally true – Omniscient and Omnipresent Divine Spirit. Namaste.

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