This Entire Universe is OM

Happy July 2020, friends, colleagues, and blog visitors. I hope you are well and that you are doing what you can to stay healthy and positive during this worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. I am taking extra Vitamin C supplements because I personally believe that Vitamin C is nature’s most powerful way of enhancing the human body so that it has enough strong white blood cells to fight any virus that it must face. Today’s post is about the conclusion of a famous Indian saint, Adi Sankara, who stated essentially what the Mandukya Upanishad originally stated, many thousands of years ago, and that “this entire universe is OM”. What I love most about the Sacred Syllable (Sound) OM is that the tension of duality is not there. OM is perfectly non-dual and one. So, as we chant OM and meditate on OM, we are experiencing life (being) in its absolute sense – which is non-dual, and this is what can finally bring us peace and contentment. In the realm of duality – tension is there between the two poles – whatever they may be: happiness and sadness, wealth and poverty, health and illness. In OM, we transcend all that and literally enter, existentially, into that domain of oneness, unity, and non-duality. This is where true peace exists. All we have to do is access it through the OM chant.

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