OM is Beyond Form

Dear Omyoga Blog Followers and Visitors: Here is an analogy I often use to explain OM to others. God is like the vast Ocean. We, as physical beings are like icebergs. The icebergs can clash and run into one another, due to their rigidity and coldness. That is the ego. God has no ego. God is pure fluent water. So, in order to become one with God, we must melt into God just as the iceberg melts into the Ocean. The iceberg is still there, but loses its rigid form as it merges with the fluent waters of the Ocean. We must do the same. We must live in a way that is not ego-based. We must center in love, compassion, goodwill, forgiveness, and of course incorporate a practice like OM meditation to gain firsthand experience of God in Pure Spirit Form. Namaste.

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