OM is Pure Thought

The most important part of man’s life is clean drinking water. Our bodies are 99% water, and with pure and clean drinking water, we will have a better life with greater overall health. Our spiritual life should be the same. We should meditate on, contemplate, and pray over the purest ideal possible, to get the best possible results for ourselves. The greatest gurus of both Tibet and the Himalayas conclude that OM is that very pure thought. OM is the highest thought, meditation, contemplation, prayer, and sound invocation. By praying, contemplating, and chanting OM, we associate our mind and mental energy with the very best sound form available to humanity, per the scriptures of ancient India and Tibet. Even mystics from the Christian and Jewish traditions agree that OM is the original form of I AM, which is the idea behind God’s true identity. OM meditation allows us to purify our minds and through this process, our outlook on life will be truly divine.

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