Human Love, Divine Love

Happy Saturday Omyoga blog followers and visitors! I hope you had a nice work-week and a restful weekend today and tomorrow. Today, I was reflecting on the blessed words of the late and great Kriya Yoga Master Paramahansa Yogananda, who said, “We all seek human love. However, what we really seek is God’s love that comes through human love.” Here, he is helping us to see through the illusion that someone else truly and unconditionally loves us. Remember that others also have their own financial, personal, professional, and health issues to face. So, they care, surely, but they also are trying to work out their own issues. However, God has no issues. God is forever free and capable of loving us 100% without asking anything in return. That is Divine Love. So, how do we access this Divine Love? Simple: OM Meditation. OM is God’s Highest Name, according to Swami Sivananda. OM is God as both Pure Divine Spirit and avatar forms like Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus. OM is the true divine energy and divine love we seek. So, today, spend some time in meditation. Simply sit to observe silence and stillness. God will grant you His Presence via the Divine OM sound. Feel the “humming” all around you – that is God as OM. The Blessed Divine is granting you Divine Love and Divine Association in this sacred experience. Namaste.

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