OM Honors All Avatars

The Sacred Syllable OM, says Paramahansa Ramakrishna, honors truth in all ways – with form, without form, beyond form, before and after form. So, with that said, OM honors all avatars who are full incarnations of God, or Divine Spirit, in all ways, and that means OM honors all that each avatar has done for humanity and living beings in samsara (cyclical material existence). I grew up in a traditional Christian home and today still honor Jesus greatly. However, I do not honor Christ in spite of other avatars. That is the difference. OM allows me to honor all avatars collectively. So, as I chant OM, I honor Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, and even other avatars about whom I know little or none too. Human history, once said a friend, is recorded by battle victors. So, what we have today is only a fraction of the whole truth. Still, and thanks to the Grace of Divine Spirit, OM is still being chanted and its complete truth is still professed by the great yogis and spiritual men and women of today. Namaste, Keith

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