OM: Stairway To Heaven

Happy Sunday Omyoga Blog Followers and Visitors. Today, I put forth the simple question – Is there an actual Stairway To Heaven? According to my research and the testimony of the yogi-saints, Yes, there is. It is the Sacred Syllable OM. In his book “The Holy Science”, Swami Sri Yukteswar (Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda) writes “OM in the only way to Brahman (Divine Spirit).” In his book “Meditation on OM”, Swami Sivananda writes “Brahman (Divine Spirit) is the Highest and OM is His Name.” In the Bible, Romans 10:13 declares “He/She who calls upon the Name of The Lord (Brahman, God, The Supreme, Divine Spirit) shall be saved.” So, if I put all of these together, I can see easily that this is an invitation to chant OM, contemplate OM, and meditate on OM, as a spiritual path. Of course, I also will treat others in daily life with love, compassion, and kindness, but internally my attention will be centered in the Holy and Divine Name of God/Brahman/Divine Spirit, which is OM. As one chants OM, obstacles are removed or worked through. I have had crazy days appear and I ask myself “why this?” because the event seems against my path. But, for sure, I am working “through” my negative karma. In order to get free from a knot, you have to cut the knot, and sometimes the knot is tight. I personally find great comfort in the teachings of great souls like Swami Sri Yuktewar and Swami Sivananda. There is no doubt or confusion in their teachings; they are crystal clear. They allow one to set out on the path of OM meditation and move ahead, daily, knowing that one is slowly ascending in consciousness and indeed traveling the “Stairway To Heaven”. Namaste, Keith

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