RIO: Refuge In Om

Omyoga blog friends, followers, and visitors – I have entitled this post “RIO – Refuge in Om” because this is a high and very beneficial truth. There are three realms that we are part of – at any given moment – body, mind and spirit. The body is an external shell (the gross body, if you will). The mind, too, believe it or not, is also a shell, but a mental shell (the causal body, if you will). Our true self is Spirit (Atman), according to the Self-Realized Yoga Masters of many lineages. Our true refuge, rest, and source of joy is called Brahman (the Paramatman, the Oversoul, or OM). We must go inward to access God, Brahman, the Paramatman. As we chant OM and as we meditate on OM and contemplate its existence and presence, we naturally allow ourselves as units of consciousness to withdraw from the sometimes turbulent external world of body and mind. OM is a true existential refuge. OM is lasting peace. OM is a healing zone. OM is an Oasis of joy, calmness, and relief. Namaste, Keith

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