Listening: The Greatest Act of Love

In the Bible (Matthew 22:37), Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) says “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” OK, so how do we do this? First, sit down somewhere comfortable in silence and stillness. Take a deep breath. Let go physically and mentally of everything that is concerning you right now. Just let it go. Soon, you will hear the Cosmic OM sound vibration all around you. THAT is God! So, enjoy this Divine and Holy Presence. Listen to OM. Allow OM to envelope you. Allow OM to communicate with you. Listen to OM and give OM your undivided attention. THAT, my friends, is love. It is like listening to a cat meow as it says hello. It is like listening to a child speak. It is like listening to a good friend sharing his/her struggles. Listening IS Love. As we meditate and if you cannot meditate then just sit in a comfortable way to contemplate – you are giving God your heart, soul, and mind through this act of silencing your body and mind and listening. Furthermore, in this covenant of Divine Love, all things are satisfied (all religious mandates and laws, Matthew 22:35-40). The definitive way to connect with God (Divine Spirit, Brahman in Sanskrit) is through the Sacred Act of Silencing and Stilling the Body and Mind (Psalm 46:10 – Be Still and Know I am God) and focusing/receiving the Transcendental OM sound vibration. In this way, God (in the form of the Sacred Syllable OM) can actually reach us and we can actually hear this Holy/Divine Sound. Namaste, Keith

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