OM: An Actual Experience

Happy Tuesday Omyoga Blog subscribers, followers, and visitors. I hope your week is going well. Many people ask me: “Keith, why do you chant OM? Why don’t you just go to church like everyone else does?” Actually, I did go to church for many, many years and I also visited many Hindu and Buddhist temples too. I have friends from many different faiths and many different paths who are like brothers and sisters to me. So, how can I reconcile all these different beliefs and still honor God/Truth in a way that does not dishonor others who are dear to me? The answer is in the path of Vedanta Philosophy: Chant OM. The Sacred Syllable OM honors God in Pure Spirit Form (Brahman) and God in Avatar/Human Form (like Rama, Krishna, Sankara, Buddha, Babaji, Jesus, etc.). Also, on top of that, as you sit in silence and stillness, as the Bible advocates in Psalm 46:10, “Be Still and Know that I Am God” – over time, you will start to hear a Cosmic Buzz or Hum as you sit in deep silence and stillness. This is what the yogis call the Pranava OM or Sacred Syllable OM. So, for the first time in my life, after decades of prayer and digestion of scripture and theology, I finally experienced God/Brahman/Divine Spirit firsthand for myself. The Sacred Syllable OM is God in the form of Sound, or what the Bible calls the Word. Namaste, Keith

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