OM As An Acronym

The Sacred Syllable OM was declared by Patanjali, the Master of Yoga, in his Yoga Sutras, as the True Name of God, and without exception (Patanjali Yoga Sutras 1.27). Paramahansa Ramakrishna declared, also, that OM is the best way to honor God (Divine Spirit, Brahman) in both Pure Spirit and Human Form (Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, etc.). So, with that said, we need to spend time in contemplation on OM and its meaning. One helpful way is to construct and establish meaningful acronyms using the letters O and M. Here are several acronyms that are especially meaningful for me and I hope you find them to be meaningful as well. Happy Sunday, Namaste, Keith

Original Mantra
Original Music
Original Man
Original Matter
Original Metre
Original Muse
Original Melody
Original Manifestation
Original Meme

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