The Kingdom of Heaven, Within

In the King James Version of the Bible (Luke 17:21), Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) says: “Indeed, the Kingdom of God is within you.” So, what does he mean here? Let me give you a simple road map (please see image above). Think of life in terms of existential layers. The outer “layer” is the physical realm of the universe itself – with space, time, and matter. This is where 99.9% of human consciousness resides and focuses. Now, one “layer” in from this one is the causal, or “mental layer”. This is where mind reigns and the power of thought reigns. Finally, the innermost realm of being is what yogis call the “bindu” or “point of nonduality.” This is, using modern nomenclature, “God.” In yoga terminology this is the realm of the nondual “Brahman” (Divine Spirit, The Indescribable). How do we go inward to get to this “Kingdom of Heaven?” Simple. Chant OM.

The “O” sound initiates our journey from the physical realm. The “M” sound carries consciousness into and through the mental realm and finally into what Jesus calls the “Kingdom of Heaven,” the realm of Pure Spirit, Brahman, God. I believe sincerely and fully that Lord Krishna, Adi Sankara, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus all knew (and, of course, still know) of this path and truth. For this reason I am sharing this here with you all, because this is where lasting happiness and contentment can be found – in this “innermost” kingdom – of Pure Divine Spirit, beyond the realms of body and mind. Namaste. /|\

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