A Simple Step – Brothers/Sisters

The journey toward non-dual consciousness is not easy, even for the masters. We are all human beings at heart, struggling to venture beyond the impositions of maya and demands of society for the sake and benefit all living beings. One step that I highly recommend, for those of you who chant OM and aspire for Christ, Buddha, and/or Krishna Consciousness, is to first and foremost see others as brothers and sisters. Aside from your spouse or partner (if you are married or in a monogamous relationship), please try your best to see others as if they were your immediate siblings – brothers and sisters. So, within the Domain of Brahman – the Domain of Infinite Spirit – all living beings, in some way, are related to us. So, if we can, as a first step, venture forth and affirm internally that “this man is my brother” and “this woman is my sister”, then this process takes us closer to non-duality and at least intellectual oneness. We are still in human consciousness and we are individuals intellectually, but we no longer see them as hostile strangers. The least we can do is be kind, friendly, helpful, supportive, and compassionate. This simple step alone can help the world heal from any/all feelings of alienation. In “OM”, all this is “One Spiritual Self”. Existentially, we are all waves of “One Composite Spiritual Ocean”. Thanks, Keith

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