The Will of God: Love

Many religious texts, including the Bible tell us that God is Love and so from that statement alone one can infer that the Will of God is Love, Itself. I agree. Here is a case in point. A neighbor of mine, who is an immigrant from Jamaica, recently had his bike stolen at church. Yes, that is right. At church. Nobody at church wants to help him out. But, I have decided to help, in part. I have prayed to God that I want to help, then again, this neighbor must be willing to accept the help I can extend, as I am just another working guy in this world. So, will he accept a used bike that is in good condition? I do not know. What matters is the covenant of love. All that we do in the spirit of live, says Dr. Wayne Dyer, is truly blessed by God because that is the highest intention of all: selfless concern. Results are not guaranteed. That is the hard part. As much as we might want to help, we do not know God’s final will. But we can know that love is the central ingredient so as long as we act in the spirit of love and compassion, we are all set, protected, and blessed. Results, well, that is elusive as nobody knows the timeless will of God beyond our domain. But, again, what we can do is think and act out of love and mindfulness and in this way take important steps to helping the world become a better place, with one small Act of Random Kindness (ARK) at a time. Happy Sunday friends, colleagues, visitors, and subscribers. Cheers, Keith

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