Compassion For All

Over the past two days, I watched several videos from several well-known Buddhist monks and spiritual leaders – all with a common message: may all living beings, in 2020, be blessed with health, economic and personal prosperity, peace, and freedom from suffering. In Buddhism, the “way” or the “path” to all of these blessings is “compassion”. If we can be compassionate in our day-to-day dealings with others, then that compassion will return to us too. Let us drive a bit slower. Let us practice patience in check-out-lines. Let us forgive those who are afflicted and who have lost their patience. Let us offer prayers of compassion to those who are sick and afflicted. Let us pray and meditate for peace. I am sure all yogis out there will stand by me in agreement that compassion is a major pillar in our spiritual path and that through compassion, ultimately, the everlasting beatitude of oneness (OM) will be ours to experience in due time. Thank You and Namaste, Keith

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