Honoring the Universal Self

Seasons Greetings Omyoga Blog followers, friends, subscribers, and visitors. I really appreciate your visit and hope the articles I write provide valuable spiritual content that perhaps you cannot find elsewhere. I write these from the heart and do my best to unify more than 50 years of living with years of practical experience in contemplation, selfless service, meditation, prayer, inquiry, and grace-based patience. I was raised Christian and still love Jesus with all of my heart. However, the message of Christiandom is divisive, at the core, and I needed something that was more unitive. The question arose in my mind: with what prayer can I honor Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus and all other divine beings/avatars that have provided value to my life and the lives of countless human beings? The answer is OM. Vedanta philosophy teaches that OM is the True Name of God, who is Divine Spirit (Brahman, All Pervasive Spirit). Within the Holy Name and Domain of OM, all that is True is there. So, whatever is True is honored through this sacred chant. So, OM allows me, in just one simple word/chant/prayer, to honor all truth represented by great beings like Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus. OM indeed is the definitive Holy Word of God that honors the Universal Self in all ways – ways that we know and understand as well as ways that we do not know about and do not understand. Namaste.

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