Refuge in OM Meditation

OM Meditation is not some trendy new-age practice. OM Meditation has been practiced by millions of sages over the ages to connect with God (Divine Spirit, called Brahman in Sanskrit). Swami Sivananda calls OM the Word of God, and in this view, we can thus understand great beings like Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus to be human forms of the Divine Pranava OM. One can easily take refuge in OM knowing that it represents, without doubt, God in Pure Spirit Form (Brahman in Hinduism, God the Father in Judaism and Christianity) as well as God in Avatar Form (Krishna taught us devotion, Buddha taught us compassion, Jesus taught us love). The great Hindu saint Paramahansa Ramakrishna said that “OM is both the Upper and Lower Brahman” meaning just that – that God as Spirit and God in Knowable Form are both addressed and recognized as we sincerely and humbly chant OM and meditate on OM. The world we live in is constantly changing. Health comes and goes (I live with chronic pain, so I am speaking from experience here). Wealth comes and goes (I have been busy at work and unemployed, so I am speaking from experience here). So, we cannot create anything that will last in this plane. We must take refuge in THAT which is Eternal – The Word of God, OM. The ancient Hindu scriptures call OM “the Pranava”, meaning “that which is forever new.” So, as soon as you chant OM with deep sincerity and love, you are associating with and taking refuge in God directly and placing your trust in your True Divine Source – Undifferentiated Nondual Divine Spirit. Namaste, Keith

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