Pranava OM – Ever New

Happy Thursday Omyoga Blog followers, visitors, and friends. Today’s post is one of clarification regarding the ancient Sanskrit term “Pranava” which is often used to describe the Sacred Syllable (Sound) OM. Pranava, simply, means “ever new”. For this reason, OM is called the imperishable, the transcendental, that which does not decay, etc. As you chant OM with great reverence, sincerity, gratitude, and humility, you are associating with “THAT” which is eternal and timeless. THAT, for lack of a better word, is God. Swami Krishnananda wrote that we do not actually invoke OM when we chant it. Rather, we create a sound vibration which allows us to approach and be close to THAT which is OM, the Pranava, the Eternal and Timeless Brahman, Divine Spirit, Our Divine Source. It is the Sacred Syllable OM (Pranava OM) which is truly the sound of Krishna Consciousness, Buddhahood, and Christ Consciousness. Thank You and Namaste, Keith

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