Divine Intention

One of my favorite authors for almost twenty years was (and still is, in many ways) Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of “The Power of Intention” and famous PBS speaker. Wayne always centered his talks and lectures in “intention” because that is our real power. If we are sincere 100%, then God/The Universe has our back. As soon as we start to compromise, it is like watering down God’s Grace. When you chant OM, do it for all living beings, not just yourself. When you chant OM, make sure your state of mind is at least in a state of gratitude and in this way your chanting and meditation will go well. If you are angry, sleep on it. If you are sad, sleep on it. Go for a walk, exercise, drink some water or tea, but let the negativity go first. Then, when you feel calm, return to your positive intention and that is how OM meditation will bring you gracious results. Namaste.

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