OMG: Om, My Guru

Happy Tuesday Om Yoga Blog Visitors, Subscribers, Followers, and Friends: Today’s post is called OMG: Om, My Guru because I want to shed light on an important concept: spiritual authority. For me, OM is my authority. Swami Sivananda says that OM is the Word of God. This means that great beings like Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus were physical incarnations of the Pranava OM. So, OM is our true connection with God, Divine Spirit. Therefore, for all intensive purposes, OM is My Guru. I pray to OM so that I am provided with the health, grace, wisdom, and energy necessary to take on this life and help others as much as I can. OM is my empowering force. OM is my protector. OM is my go-to authority and even though OM does not speak to me in words, OM provides me with the necessary people, information, and resources to serve the Divine Light each day. That is the true role of a Guru – One who dispels darkness and brings us into light and hence life itself.

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