Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Dear Omyoga blog followers, subscribers, and visitors: Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, during rush hour, a woman was riding her bike on a busy street where there was no bike path. She should have been biking on the sidewalk, per our local ordinances. Anyway, she rode along and proceeded at a good speed toward an intersection with four stop signs. There were many cars stopping and slowly coordinating their way, individually, and collectively, through this intersection. However, this woman, for reasons I cannot understand, simply rode right through the intersection without slowing down and a car almost hit her. Fortunately, that car had just started to proceed through the intersection and it was only going about five miles per hour when it hit the brakes and skidded. She did not blink. She did not say thank you or sorry. She did not care. She could have died right then and there. Was she suicidal? Was she crazy? Who knows. But one thing is for sure – she was ignorant. She cared NOT about others even though they were in cars. She thought that she could just ride through and all cars had to stop for her. That is incorrect. Bikers and pedestrians must also enter into the stop, wait your turn, and proceed motion through the intersection, cautiously and carefully. But, no, she just rode through and almost got herself killed. Moral of the story – ignorance is darkness, it is dangerous, and it is not bliss as some say. Ignorance is what keeps humanity from realizing health, happiness, safety, and better individual and collective days in this lifetime. Ignorance is our enemy, individually and collectively. Let us all vow to work very hard to eradicate ignorance. Thanks.

One thought on “Ignorance Is Not Bliss

  1. Perhaps a bit cliché, but knowledge is power.

    Yeah, always obey traffic signs and such no matter how you are traveling. And, yes, the sidewalk is often the safest place to bike despite some people saying otherwise. It’s not like there’s so many people walking on most sidewalks that there is no room for bikers.


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