God Is Inclusive, Not Exclusive

I know that some religious people out there might potentially be offended by this post, but I feel it is my duty as yogi to publish this: God is Inclusive. God loves all of us. It is human nature to want to be part of a tribe (a group). It gives us a feeling of belonging and a sense of security. However, that is based on externals. God is beyond that. God is Omnipresent Spirit who is above and beyond all limitations that man places and establishes through dogmas. You can sit anywhere in silence and tune in to the Cosmic OM all around you. I value Jesus Christ but disagree with some of the church’s teachings. I value Krishna but disagree with some of the ISKCON teachings. I value Buddha but disagree with some of the Buddhist teachings. When you embark on the journey of OM meditation, you will experience firsthand that God is Omnipresent. The mind cannot comprehend God – and therefore anything mankind tried to establish in dogma will fall short. This is why dedicated contemplation and meditation are necessary. We, as existential beings, can slowly move beyond the mind’s own inner barrier and experience God firsthand, as Omnipresent Spirit, who loves all of us unconditionally. However, to experience God, we must let go of false beliefs and exclusive ideas, because in the end, we are all part of God in some way. As the Mandukya Upanishad declares: “All This is OM (Omnipresent Spirit).” Namaste. /|\

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