Your Support Is Appreciated

Dear Blog Visitors, Readers, Followers, and Subscribers: I want to thank you all for visiting this blog and offering your feedback and comments on the diverse posts I have created. For me, OM meditation is not a quick-fix or feel-good new age philosophy. OM is the Sovereign Name of God in the Sanskrit Language and today we have auspicious words like home, mom, omega, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence because they all originate spiritually from God, who is OM. The world right now is in a difficult place economically, financially, socially, and morally. Ignorance, said the Buddha, is the most difficult beast to tame. I agree. It is my hope that OM meditation can become a real practice for billions across the globe. OM meditation requires no money, no religious organization, no clerics, and no social or political approval. In fact, even if a political prisoner is in jail, he or she can meditate on OM in silence and nobody would know what he or she is doing. And, in this way, the person can take refuge in God through this Most Sacred Syllable. I have just created an e-book with 365 Sayings about OM from many auspicious gurus and masters from many different yoga paths, all with something amazing to say about OM. If you can please support this blog to help me cover its basic operational costs, then I will send you this new PDF e-book for inspiration. My PayPal email is Thanks for your support and I wish all my readers health, happiness, prosperity, and a most successful meditation practice. Namaste, Keith

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