The Ashtavakra Gita says

“The liberated soul abides in Self alone.” – Ashtavakra Gita 17.11. Happy Tuesday Omyoga Blog subscribers and visitors. Hope you are well. This post is here to remind us that OM is the consistent transcendental reality, or God (Brahman), that is always there and with us. All “lesser” things – a person, a tree, an experience, a job, school, wealth, health, etc. – are but instances of OM here in the material realm. Behind the appearance of material things is the Omnipresent Spirit, OM, also called Brahman in Ancient Sanskrit. Jesus even said “The Father is greater than I.” He reminds us here that even as a holy man or as the Son of God, the Omnipresent Spirit, OM is our true foundation, presence to find comfort in, peace, rest, and sustainer. Take a deep breath – OOO for your in-breath. Pause. MMM for your out-breath. This is a simple technique advocated by the late and great Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh to help us re-center in OM (Divine Spirit) when we get caught up in the details and complexities of everyday material life. I wish you peace and wellness. OM, Amen. /|\

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