Material Life and Impermanence

Dear Blog Visitors, Followers, and Subscribers – Generally, I post teachings about OM because this is my spiritual path and faith. However, from time to time, we need to be reminded of the true impermanence of material life. As an example, here are ten things that are essentially obsolete over the past twenty years (1999 versus 2019). Times change. All the more reason to invest in one’s spiritual path. Here we go … Namaste /|\

  1. Land line telephones
  2. Borders bookstore chain
  3. Desktop computers
  4. PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants)
  5. Overhead Projectors for Presentations
  6. VCRs and VHS tapes
  7. Newspapers and especially the Classified ads section
  8. Physical road maps (for your car)
  9. MP3 players
  10. Phone booths

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