Aristotle Says

The Greek Philosopher Aristotle once said that people seek happiness. So, all pursuits essentially are a person’s efforts to achieve and attain that happiness. It could be through friends, family, status, career, academics, sports, relationships, writing, acting, travel, raising a family, adopting a pet, and the list goes on. At the same time, he noted that what we do not do is as important as what we actually do. I agree. The Spiritual Path of OM Yoga is simple – see OM everywhere, at every step. Recognize this object or experience as a limited version of the Omnipresent OM. Food is great – but the meal ends. Success and victory are great – but the celebration ends one day and then we start again. Health is great but we also must face sickness and illness as part of the human experience. Still, see OM at every step. Use this awareness and way of thinking as a way of appreciating life but realizing that happiness cannot be secured. We cannot have happiness outside of ourselves. All things come and go – except “being” itself. With that said, devote time each day to some OM meditation and remind yourself that OM is always here – rain or shine, health or sickness, friends or by-yourself. Indeed, God is with us, in the form of the Sacred Syllable OM. Amen.

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