Jesus Says

In the Bible (John 8:58), Jesus asserts that “Before Abraham was, I AM.” If you look at the historical path of the name of Jesus, back through “Iesu” (Greek and Latin) and “Yeshua” (Hebrew and Aramaic), you will see that the original lettering of the name was in Hebrew script where there are no vowels. And without vowels, it is almost impossible to read the letters (that are consonants only) together as a complete name. So, with that said, the way I prefer to approach Jesus is through his spiritual affirmation of I AM. If you trace this back to ancient Sanskrit, I AM can be read as SOHAM and/or SOHUM depending upon the Sanskrit authority you reference. Furthermore, SOHAM and SOHUM are said to be bisyllable forms of the original monosyllabic mantra and affirmation, “OM”. So, does OM equal Jesus? In my humble spiritual opinion, Yes indeed, it does. God is One. God is OM. The Father is OM. The Son is OM. The Holy Spirit is OM. So, when you chant OM, you are honoring God in all ways and this includes the holy man we all know as “Jesus.” Thank You. Namaste. /|\

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