Sai Baba Says

A short time ago, I came across this short teaching attributed to the late and great Satya Sai Baba. It featured this: “God does not have form – but He can assume the form which his devotee attributes to him. He manifests in the form which his devotee adores, worships, and contemplates. Sound has no form but the object that produces sound has a form. Bliss has no form but the person who experiences it has form. Fragrance has no form but a flower does. God (Brahman, Divine Spirit) has no form, yet can assume any and all forms necessary for the devotee.”

For me, as an OM yogi, the Sacred Syllable OM is all I need to associate with God. Why become bound to a specific material form? Is not the Divine Sound of OM enough? Knowing that “all this” is OM, as the Mandukya Upanishad teaches, is empowering and liberating. I can appreciate OM in the flower, the tree, the Buddha, the Christ, Sankara, the Cosmos, the Sun, people, creatures, music, food, and much more. OM is for sure the most universal form of God that allows me to live life with a sense of detachment and appreciation, and yet feel connected to my (and our) Divine Source. Namaste. /|\

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