Mandukya Says

The ancient sage – Mandukya – who is attributed with writing (and teaching) what today is known as the Mandukya Upanishad – concludes that “All this (e.g. absolutely everything) is OM.” If you look at the Mandala above, you see OM at the very center and can easily infer how everything else that we experience, in some way, is a limited manifestation of the Sacred Syllable OM. The universe, literally, is made out of the Cosmic OM Sound Vibration. Our bodies are made out of OM. Our minds are made out of OM. At the same time, to connect fully with our Divine Source OM – we need to do some mindful chanting, silent meditation (listening to OM around us – in the wind for example) and mindful breathing (SOHUM is a great technique that has OOO in the in-breath and MMM in the out-breath). Many gurus, yogis, and spiritual masters say that all one needs for self-realization is the Mandukya Upanishad. I agree 100%. Thank you, Sage Mandukya. Namaste. /|\

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