OM = Having, Doing, Being

According to the late and great Paramahansa Yogananda (Kriya Yoga Master), the ancient most codifier of yoga, Patanjali, said “He/She who knows OM knows God.” With that said, we can easily conclude that OM is the very essence of all major aspects of our lives: having, doing, and being. Let us say I work as a teacher. OM is the empowering force behind the movement of intellectual information. Let us say I have an acoustic guitar. OM is the very essence of energy that is at the root of the guitar and that allows the guitar to be and have its physical form and tone. Let us say that I am tired from the day, and just want to sit and be (e.g. meditate in silence and stillness). If I listen carefully, I will hear the Cosmic OM in some way, deep in the silence, or manifest in some nearby sound. So, thank you, Divine Spirit, OM, for being the very essence in having, doing, and being. I know that I can always chant Your Sacred Sound and be at perfect peace. Namaste. /|\

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