Avatar = Divine Descent

Happy Tuesday Omyoga blog followers, visitors, and subscribers. I wish you a great day and week ahead. Today’s post features a word that I have known and understood for quite some time – the word “avatar” which is an ancient Sanskrit word for “divine descent.” In my humble opinion (IMHO), the three most prominent avatars, or divine descents of God (Divine Spirit) that have positively influenced my life are Sankara and Buddha of ancient India, and of course Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth. In fact, it is because of these three men that my search for a “common thread” and “spiritual commonality” began many years ago. In 2002, there was a website called Om Shanti (OM, Peace) hosted by Dr. M. Nagar who is a religious historian and who believed that OM was/is the greatest and most ancient name of God. I followed this site, adopted OM as my main practice, and also began to read everything possible to see if this was the case. Indeed, this was true. It is my personal belief that all Divine Grace from God is present in this Holy Sanskrit Name, OM. So, in short, the way that I honor all Divine Avatars – Sankara, Buddha, Jesus – and any others that might have lived and that I do not know about – is through this sacred invocation OM. Namaste & Best Regards, Keith

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