Grace = Our Foundation

In the Bible, one passage says that “Love is the greatest”. Love indeed is great. However, three things need to happen first before love can manifest. First, Grace (Being) allows for one to gain faith. It could be faith in life, work, school, or any number of future possibilities. Then, with faith, hope is possible. Let us say a student says “I have faith in myself as a student. I believe I can pass this class.” That is hope manifest. From there, love manifests. Love is the process by which the student embraces the class and devotes his/her time to that area of study. Finally, once love has manifested, then the student can meet other students, gain new knowledge, and obtain a new outlook on life. So, really, Grace (Being) is the true mover and shaker in life. When I chant OM, I am not invoking Divine Grace. What I am saying to the Universe is “I am here ready to receive any/all blessings so that I can go forward and serve others in the spirit of loving kindness.” The Grace of God/Divine Spirit determines whether I am worthy of such a request. So, for positive change, we need to allow Grace to manifest. Namaste.

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