365 Writing Tips = Success

Greetings and Namaste Omyoga Blog Visitors and Subscribers. /|\

In 1985, I started my writing career in college when I was first asked to join the student newspaper (The Willamette Collegian) as a news reporter. After majoring in Philosophy, completing an IBM-certified programming class, and training international computer science students for five years, I finally took the driver’s seat in the business world as a Tech Writer. I have served twenty years thus far, and have learned many things.

In fact, I have learned so much that I was able to put together two awe-inspiring books, 365 Tech Writing Tips and 365 Limitless Verbs, that embody my life-long writing tenure and professional insights. My books are not dogmatic and do not represent an agenda of any kind. They are “timely” recorded insights and lessons learned. I hope that either one of these books, or both, can help you well in your writing journey. Happy Sunday; Om Ah Hung and Amen to you and yours.

Keith Johnson, Tech Writer, Indie Author, OM Yogi

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