Limited Self = Conflict

Right now, my wife and I are watching the Netflix series called “The Tudors” which shows the life and trials of England’s King Henry VIII, who lived in the 1500s. Perilous times indeed. King Henry was against the Catholic Church and so in order to forcibly move the belief system in England to his new Church of England and codified beliefs, he executed anyone who would not agree, in writing, to the new tenets of the faith. Ironically, what he did was the same as Rome, but just from another angle. In the same way the Catholic Church excommunicated heretics, King Henry also condemned and executed heretics outside of his codified belief system. All of this, in my humble view, is the result of a limited concept of self, and one based on an ignorant understanding of spiritual truth. Sankara, probably the greatest spiritual man of historical India, said that OM is the essence and truth of all things seen and unseen. OM is the essence of all gods, avatars, messiahs, yogis, people, creatures, and more. OM is what unifies us at the spiritual level which is transcendent to the material world. So, by honoring OM, we honor God and all beings and the inherent unity of all life. Even today, as we approach 2020, there is massive conflict between races, nations, political parties, religions and religious sects. This is all due, again, to a limited concept of self. Once you honor the Limitless Concept of Self – OM – as revealed by the Upanishads and Self-Realized Yogis like Sankara, Buddha, and Jesus (Yeshua), you will see that there is no need for war. Conflict automatically dissolves when we see all as OM. Sure, the forms are different. But forms come and go just like waves in the ocean. They arise. They fall. Humans are born and then one day they die. Nations emerge. Nations fall. All forms are temporary. So, we must aspire to understand life from the vantage point of God, or Divine Spirit, beyond forms. Sankara also teaches that OM is the essence of the Upper and Lower Brahman, meaning manifest spirit (as form) and unmanifest spirit (beyond form). So, keep on chanting OM and meditating on OM. If we all can see one another as brothers and sisters in the Universal Domain of OM, there will be true peace on Earth and in the hearts of human beings. Awakening to OM is the solution. May all living beings awaken to the truth of OM, for both the immediate and long-term good of all things.

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