Brahman = Existence

There is a famous saying by both Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sankara that goes like this: “Brahman (Divine Spirit, Existence) is present in both upper (spiritual) and lower (forms) realms.” So, this means that Brahman is the essence of the (1) material (physical) plane, (2) subtle material (astral) plane, (3) causal plane (spiritual forms), and (4) transcendental plane (spirit beyond forms). The “Lower Brahman” means the physical and astral realms. The “Upper Brahman” means the causal and transcendental realms. We are conditioned to label and judge things based on physical appearance, but we need to go beyond this. We need to be mindful of this spiritual truth to establish and retain our spiritual balance and peace. Just like a storm appears and then goes away, forms also appear and dissolve over time. Only spirit endures. So, if you see a person, say to yourself “this is Brahman in the temporary form of a person.” If you see a dog, say to yourself “this is Brahman in the temporary form of a dog.” If you hear music, say “this is Brahman in the subtle yet temporary form of music.” If you experience deep peace, say “this is Brahman in pure spirit.” Brahman, indeed, is Existence. As Patanjali (author of the Yoga Sutras) himself stated “Those who know OM know God (Brahman, Divine Spirit).” I agree. Namaste. OM and Amen.

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