The Essential OM

As a spiritual seeker, I am infinitely grateful to God, The Supreme Spirit, for having guided me to the Sacred Syllable OM. In today’s world, there is conflict everywhere, and even within religions and religious communities. Where can I go, mentally and physically, where there is limitless, unbounded peace?

The answer is OM.

According to Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Sankara, and Lord Jesus (Yeshua), OM is the true essence of God and the true essence of all creation. God (as the Supreme Spirit, beyond name and form) is OM. Lord Krishna is OM. Lord Buddha is OM. Lord Jesus is OM. The tree is OM. The Sun is OM. All living beings are OM. “All this is OM,” says the legendary Mandukya Upanishad. This truth is confirmed in numerous Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and even the Bible, when you understand that “I AM” is actually derived from the ancient Sanskrit word and affirmation “OM.” By merely chanting OM or by meditating on OM, one connects with God and all life, through one sacred sound. By chanting OM, one invokes all holy prayers, honors all languages and rituals of all faiths that aspire to connect practitioners with the Absolute. Namaste, Keith

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