365 Stellar Soft Skills

In December of 2018, I finally finished the manuscript of a book about my career path, but not specifically Technical Writing. Rather, the book was about Soft Skills. What are Soft Skills, you might ask? Quite simple. These are communication skills that positively complement your professional and/or life path. These are skills like mindful listening, writing, note taking, researching, endeavoring, brainstorming, and more. At work, as well as in life, we are sometimes tasked with difficult assignments. So, it is Soft Skills that we must employ and put to the test in order to then apply our central professional skill. This book has been endorsed by and introduced by a great friend of mine who was a fellow undergraduate at Willamette University and who today is a top HR executive in Portland, Oregon: Mr. Tom Schneider. Many thanks, Tom! Happy reading everyone. Regards, Keith Johnson, Author of 365 Stellar Soft Skills

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