Unity Plus Diversity Equals OM

The ancient Mandukya Upanishad, which is noted on the cover page of this blog, says that “all this is OM.” In other words, “all this – life in all ways – is Supreme Spirit, called Brahman in Sanskrit.” The very idea of separation from our source is the illusion we all face. The illusion of diversity is also the very challenge we face in the journey to self-awakening. Vedanta philosophy asserts, hence, that there is only OM. So, as illustrated above, the waves and the ocean are naturally one. However, for a brief moment, a wave manifests out of the sea. Is it unique? Sure. For a brief moment, but after that moment it returns to the sea. Was it real? Yes. But only for a moment. So it is with our lives. We are like waves of Divine Spirit. I am the wave of Keith. My dog is the wave of Ben. This person is the wave of Elena. That person is the wave of David. The tree is a wave. The birds are individual waves. All that we see, in limited forms, are but waves of the Divine Supreme Spirit, Brahman. However, the wave never leaves the ocean. The wave is not separate – even for a moment – from the ocean. Without the ocean, it could not become a wave. Without the ocean, it could not return to its original state of absolute oneness with its water source. Hence, Unity plus Diversity equals OM. There is only OM.

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