Here is how OM works

Please forgive me for the extreme simplicity of this diagram, but I just put this together quickly to illustrate a simple but important point. The Sacred Syllable (Sound) OM is called “the indestructible” and is the proven path/method that takes us, as consciousness, from the realm of matter and form to the realm of divine spirit. We are here in “samsara” (material existence) and of course wish to be in “heaven” (the realm of divine spirit). So, we need to chant OM and meditate on OM to make this journey. OM is called by many yogis “the taraka-mantra” meaning “the sound-formula that ferries us from one shore to the next.” The Bible tells us that “The Word was with God and The Word Was God.” Most conservative Christians will say that Jesus is the Word. True. Still, remember that the name “Jesus” is a third-generation hand-me-down-name from translated and transliterated Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. The True Name of Jesus, and God, in all ways, is “I AM”, and this concept (in English) can be traced back to early Indian Vedanta teachings, which asserts that I AM originates from “SOHAM”, and “SOHAM” originates from “OM”. Namaste.

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