OM is not Hinduism

Today, at LinkedIn, I made a short post saying that the greatest lesson of my life has been to never, ever, generalize. As soon as you start generalizing, you are putting a false label on innocent people. If one man does something bad, I cannot say all men are bad. If one woman does something bad, I cannot say that all women are bad. If a person from the Orient is great at mathematics, it does not mean that all from the Orient are math wizards. The point here is that each individual “instance” of life is unique, and totally unique. Some people tell me “Hey Keith, so you are advocating Hinduism, in your site, eh?” No. Absolutely not. Why? Hinduism is a generalization and also a limitation. OM is a spiritual revelation by probably the most advanced meditation masters in human history, called the Rishis (e.g. the seers). Buddha was a Rishi. Krishna was a Rishi. Jesus (Yeshua) was a Rishi. Sure, Hinduism uses the Sacred Syllable OM in prayer. That is awesome. Sure, there have been countless Hindu masters who have attained Self-Realization. Hinduism is a word that “generalizes” and places both limitation and judgment onto an otherwise “unlimited” practice (of meditating on OM). OM, in my view, is the ultimate spiritual science and spiritual discovery, that allows one to honor the Supreme Truth, which is beyond words, prayers, avatars, and dogma. There is a Divine Sound Quality in the “OM” tone, if you will. By chanting OM, we align our being at all levels with Truth, which is Omnipresent. OM = I AM.

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