Om and Amen: Unlimited Grace

Today, I did some yard work outside and as I was raking leaves, I noticed that not all of the leaves raked nicely. Some leaves followed the motion of the rake well. Some followed partially well. Some leaves actually remained on the ground and made it between the steel tines of the rake. Still, I continued ahead and as I finished the job, I had to physically bend down and pick up the leaves that the rake tines missed. What does this mean? In short, the rake symbolizes spiritual “legalism” and rules. Most religions today say that we have to do this or that and we have to believe this or that. The Roman Catholic Church is a perfect example of spiritual legalism. But the Roman Catholic Church and even major aspects of major religions fail to see that it is not the rake that saves the leaves. It is the person behind the rake. The rake is just a tool. Behind the rake is the raker whose goal is to collect the leaves. Similarly, avatars of God like Buddha and Jesus do not limit salvation to those who follow their rules and commandments perfectly. Many times, we are like the leaf that got away. Even if we wanted to go along perfectly with the established dogma at hand, we cannot. So, that is where grace comes in. Grace reveals the true nature of the Divine. The Divine wants all souls to be saved. So, from time to time, the Divine will “reach down and pick up that leaf that got away” because it wants that leaf collected too. It troubles me how many people live in fear of established dogmas. God is Love. God is Unlimited Grace and Mercy. God will collect you if you want to be collected. The Bible declares “he/she who calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved”. And so it is. The rake gets most of the leaves, but sometimes a fair percentage get away, for a number of reasons. It is my true hope that Divine Grace will prevail over all established religious/spiritual dogmas and legalism. Thank You. OM & Amen.

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