A Story: Jesus Visits The Vatican

The following story was originally told by the late Indian Guru Osho Rajneesh…

One day, at the gates of the Vatican, a poor man approaches the guards there. He tells them “Hello. I am Jesus. I have come to speak to the Pope.” At first, the guards laugh and tell the man to go away. So, Jesus, knowing their mentality says “if I perform a miracle, will you take me to the Pope?”. The guards say “If you do a miracle we like, we will take you to the bishop in charge.” Jesus says “OK”. Next he takes a small piece of wood into his hands and transforms it into a butterfly, that flies off in to the air. The guards are impressed, but still skeptical. They say “OK, magic man, we will take you to the bishop in charge and he will hear your request”. So, the guards open the gates, escort Jesus to the office of the bishop-in-charge, and return to their post. The bishop-in-charge arrives and says “Yes, how may I help you?” Jesus says “Hello bishop. I am Jesus. I have returned. I am here to speak with the Pope.” The bishop says “If you are really Jesus, maybe then you can help me to translate and shed light on these documents.” Jesus says “sure, no problem.” So, over the next two hours, Jesus illuminates the bishop-in-charge and astounds him. He says “You really are Jesus. My Lord, I will take you to the Pope at once”. So, Jesus is escorted by the bishop-in-charge to the Pope’s office. The Pope is sitting and enjoying an Italian coffee, as it is late afternoon. The Pope sees Jesus and says “Hello, how many I help you?” Jesus says “Pope, I am Jesus. I have finally returned. I am here to relieve you of your duties and reclaim my throne.” The Pope sips on his coffee and pauses. He then says “Lord Jesus, it is indeed good to see you. I heard about your miracle at the gates of turning a piece of wood into a butterfly. The bishop-in-charge also thanks you for helping him with his documents. But here is the problem. Nobody will believe it is you. They will think you are another pretender. Maybe they will admonish you because you did some magic and they will say that you are just a magician. The Catholic Church has things under control. We control a large percentage of the world’s gold and wealth and property. We control the minds of the people through our Catechism system. We keep things in order. Why don’t you just let us handle the day to day matters of Christianity?” Jesus gets up and leaves the Vatican without saying a word. He sheds a few tears as he leaves.

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