OM is Our Father

There are two ways to read this blog post title. First, there is a “statement” that OM, literally, is the Name and Nature of God, our Heavenly Father, as most traditional and religious (non-spiritual) individuals like to say. Second, there is a hidden (spiritual) meaning that OM is fully manifest “inside” the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus gave to his disciples and humanity, as recorded in the Bible’s Book of Matthew. Swami Sivananda tells us that “OM is the matrix of all sounds and prayers” in his book “Meditation on OM”. So, OM is both the “essence” of the Lord’s Prayer as well as the sound behind and amidst each pronounced word and hence meaning. Sometimes what I do on my prayer beads is recite the Lord’s Prayer on the Home Bead, and than on the other beads, I meditate on and reflect on the Sacred Syllable OM, the Sacred Name of God in Sanskrit, the original language of humanity. Here is how you recite the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will Be Done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us This Day our Daily Bread and Forgive us our Trespasses, as We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us. Lead us not into Temptation but Deliver us from Evil. Amen.

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